Rajasthan – Forts of Glory

22 janvier 2010

Rajasthan – Forts of Glory

Rajasthan is a land of glorious sand dunes, magnificent forts and an ancient culture that never fails to amaze and intrigue. Rajasthan is one of the most popular destinations for the travellers coming to


as it offers vast and varied prospects in the form of monuments, traditional elements, the royal structures, lakes and the beautiful expanse of dessert.

Rajasthan tours let you into the amazing world of ancient forts which always promise to leave you spell bound with the beauty and intricacy of architecture. Built by the famous Rajput rulers in the past, these forts testify to the sheer magnificence and glory of Rajasthan. Much of the popularity of Rajasthan can be attributed to the remarkable forts and palaces that always enthral one and all. These structures are a window into the legendary past of the state. Furthermore, many of these structures are house to numerous other attractions too.

Rajasthan tour packages take you to different places within the state that will definitely behold you to the scenic beauty and archaeological magnificence. The 'pink city' Jaipur is one of the most beautiful places of tourist importance in the county with all the structures made predominantly in pink. The city palace is the prime attraction that emanates glory and beauty of intellectual planning and architecture.


is the city of lakes with its many beautiful lakes and other structural attractions. Jaisalmer and Mandawa bring you face to face with the true culture of Rajasthan and the village life of Inida. The hospitality of the people is renowned throughout the country which adds to the beauty of travel to this place.

The Rajasthan cultural tours familiarize you with the beautiful culture of Rajasthan. The tour takes you to places like Mandawa and other places in the Shekhawati region along with all the other places in Rajasthan which will allow you to witness some of the most beautiful traditions and festivals. The Baneshwar fair, Teej, Brij, Mewar and the Desert festivals will be a pleasure to be a part of if you are interested in culture and traditions. Pushkar fair held in Pushkar, 11 km from


, is one of the most famous and important fairs in the country.

Rajasthan attracts people from all over the world because of the numerous options available to the tourists. The camel and jeep safaris through the desert coupled with the wildlife safaris please people without fail. The blend of modern facilities in a traditional set-up and the hospitality of the people in the hotels make sure that your stay is a pleasurable one. The various different regions in the state all have different characteristics and special attraction which make Rajasthan a kaleidoscope of beauty and culture. Come to Rajasthan for an unforgettable experience and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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